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i can really misjudge people sometimes. i can be really naive. i can believe the best in people because i don't want to think that they could let me down. that's what happened this time with this new boy and what has happened since i started dating at thirteen and what will probably continue to happen till i get married and then divorced because i misjudged the whole situation. why do i do this? i never know and you never can tell and i'm sick of these jerks that i get trampled on by.

i wish 71 irving was open right now.
i got my septum pierced again and it feels pretty weird to have it pierced again and not have to hide it from my mother.
i'm kind of cold. it is winter and i am currently refusing to recognize it and in turn, suffering for it.
i hate all the creepy men in new york city that stare at me or do this weird flirt thing that is disgusting and makes me hate old disgusting creepy makes me not want to trust any one of them i meet. the men at pick a bagel are safe...but that's all i've got so far.

i keep waiting for the other shoe to drop, whatever the cause may be. i just want it to happen.
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